GE RNPC spotlight #1

Good day to all…since ver2.4 is a few days away
I’d like to introduce one of the new RNPCs today.

For those who are not playing Granado Espada, RNPC stands for Recruitable Non-playable Characters. These characters are those NPCs found in the game but after completing certain quests for them, they can join you. These RNPC have unique stances and skills and sometimes they have higher stats than the ordinary stock characters available in the starting levels.

For today’s RNPC spotlight I’d like to introduce
Feng Ling(aka SoSo in some GE versions)

She has a resemblance to ChunLi of Street Fighter ^^
more like the ChunLi of GE hehehe.
She can be found at Bahia Island at this location

to access the Bahia Island, you need to buy a ticket from the npc that also sells ticjket to Ustiur.
After talking to her, you need to defeat her in battle,after that,then you need to give her 50 mystic powders to get her RNPC card.

here’s FengLing’s stats:

Str: 6
Agi: 8
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 3
Cha: 3

for 8 agi,she’s really a fast hitter,she could even rival Irawan’s ^^

FengLing has a unique stance call the Chapter of Ice
which also similar to the stances of Irawan,Gracielo at Jean

When her stance reached max level, the attack speed goes up 15%,plus 15% critical and 10 evade.
For the ChunLi fans out there, grab this RNPC when the next patch arrives ^^


Feng Ling voiceovers

Feng Ling skill showcase

Well there you have it. More RNPC spotlights coming next week…
see you guys again next week

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