GE Bahia Island Expansion Patch notes

The gates Granado Espada has reopened at 1pm , there are some changes in the game and not to mention new features ^^ so here’s the patch note of v2.4:

Additional Maps
1. Super Fight – Poison Yard
• Starts twice a day (8pm and 10.30pm) at the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge
• If you managed to obtain the Hero’s Seal from the event, you can receive your rewards from the NPC found at Coimbra Nimrod Bridge

2. Super Fight – Battle Colosseum
• Starts twice a day (7.30pm and 10pm) at the Reboldoeux Queen’s Gate. Only families who are below Level 100 are allowed to enter
• If you managed to obtain the Hero’s Seal from the event, you can receive your rewards from the NPC found at Reboldoeux Queen’s Gate

3. Super Fight – Secret Temple
• Starts twice a day (8pm and 11pm) at Thuerigen Lakeside. Only Veteran and above families are allowed to enter
• If you managed to obtain the Hero’s Seal from the event, you can receive your rewards from the NPC found at Thueringen Lakeside

4. Super Fight Rules
• All families are enemies except for squad members. Faction members not in the squad are deemed as enemies as well.
• You cannot view other’s family name or detailed information
• Force Attack has been disabled

5. Ancient Skullic’s Nest
• New Forgotten Territory which will enables you to reach Expert level much faster

6. Bellem Ruins
• You can enter Bellem Ruins from Bellem Tombstone found at ‘Island of Fire’ (channel 1 only)
• You must have a Key of Bellem and can only enter within a specific time period
• You can find a treasure chest with your name on it which can only be opened by you once you enter
• Mini boss and boss are summoned randomly
• After hunting the Mini boss and boss, you are allowed to open the treasure chest with your name on it

7. Reception Hall
• Two reception halls have been added to each town (Reboldoeux, Coimbra and Auch)
• You can enjoy 30 Granado Espada BGMs in the reception halls
• You are required to buy the key from the Reception Hall Manager before you can enter
• If someone has already purchased the key, then you cannot purchase the key for a period of time
• After entering the reception hall, you will not be able to distribute the key anymore.
• Once you change channel, logout, return to barrack or move to another area or quit the game, the key will disappear automatically. You will not be able to enter the reception hall unless you purchase another key

8. Bahia Island
• Located south-west of Coimbra. It is the biggest island on the new continent as it is being developed by the mainland and the Office of Pioneering Support for business purposes and it is a popular place for vacation
• Ore Exchanger – you can exchange “Strange Mineral” to receive other items

9. Bahia Island – Island of Fire
• Some of the strongest monsters live here. People believe that they can find the special weapon “Weapon of Devil” – the Deprodine series weapons (34 ATK Rating each) in this area
• If you want to move to “Island of Fire” you must have a key
• You can obtain a key from the key trader

10. Bahia Island – Island of Fire – Depths of Crater
• You can obtain the four Insignias (Fire, Ice, Lightning and Darkness) from the four Celberos found on “Island of Fire”
• Once you collected the Insignias and traveled into the crater, you can find the raid boss “Sekhmet”. You must defeat the boss if you wish to obtain the Deprodine series weapons

11. Bahia Island Mini Games
• You can get a coupon to exchange for items or enchantment chips
• ‘Scissors! Paper! Stone!’ – you can play scissors, paper, stone will Tiburon to try upgrade the level of your enchantment chip by 1
• ‘Catch Capybara!’ – kill the summoned Capybaras for coupons to exchange for items from the Coupons Exchange Machine
• ‘Break Watermelon!’ – kill the summoned watermelons for coupons to exchange for items from the Coupons Exchange Machine

12. Bahia Island – Battle Field
• You can battle with a random monster 1 on 1
• You can get a coupon after the battle to exchange for item

(Other maps like Bahamas Swamp and Tierra De Los Muertos will be released in early 2008)

Additional RNPCs
1. Angie
2. Karjalainen

(Other RNPCs like Feng Ling, Viki, Kurt Lyndon, Edward Jameson, Gavin Jameson will be released in early 2008)

Additional Items
1. Additional Level 4 Mission Lobby Summon Stone
• You can use Family Reputation to trade for the missions
• If you go outside of Bahia, you can find the “Mission Lobby Trader” NPC where you can spend 1,000 reputation to receive a random summon stone (Spotlight, Interchange, Trinity or Highway)

2. Necklaces Recipes
• Added six types of necklace recipes to the Precious Metal Merchant in City of Auch

3. Gems Recipes
• New gem recipes available at the Precious Metal Merchant in City of Auch

4. Costume Recipes
• New costume recipes available at Andre in Cite de Reboldoeux

Additional Premium Items
1. Package
• Ancient Territory Premium Package
• Pwnage Package
• Starter Kit

2. Costume
• Le Corsaire
• The Scarlet Belle
• Bedlah Costume
• Musashi Costume
• Sugarplum Tutu
• Von Trapp Costume
• Ali Baba Costume
• White Bear Costume

3. Consumable
• Karja’s Vanity Box 10pcs
• Karja’s Vanity Box 20pcs
• Promotion Scroll – Expert
• Promotion Scroll – Expert 3pcs
• Mystery powders

4. Temporary
• Lucifer’s Wings 30days
• Ancient Territory Pass 1day
• Blessed Satchel 7days
• Blessed Rucksack 7days
• Blessed Leaping Croc Bag 7days
• Blessed Ivory Bag 7days
• Blessed White Angel Wings 7days
• Blessed Black Angel Wings 7days
• Blessed Murderous Sword 7days
• Blessed Anchor 7days
• Blessed Treasure Chest 7days
• Blessed Flower Vase 7days
• Blessed Coimbra Sign 7days
• Blessed Tortoise Shell 7days
• Blessed Jabberwock Armor 7days
• Blessed Chrysalis Wings 7days
• Blessed Angel Wings 7days
• Elementalist Beachwear 30days
• Wizard Beachwear 30days
• Musketeer Beachwear 30days
• Scout Beachwear 30days
• Fighter Beachwear 30days

5. Misc
• Impervium +5 : Normal
• Impervium +6 : Normal
• Impervium +5 : Veteran
• Impervium +6 : Veteran

Monster Changes

1. Family Monster
• Added family monster at lower level area which will gives more experience when killed
• When any elite monsters appears, random amount of other monsters will also appear together

Character Changes

1. Changes to the Wizard Class
• “Reflection” has been changed to “Energy Shield”
• While using energy shield, the shield will protect the user from damage by consuming SP instead of HP
• Decrease Levitation stance attack range
• Increase cool down time for “Photon Splash” and “Hole of Darkness”
• Uses one Magical Orb for “Photon Splash” and two Magical Orb for “Hole of Darkness”
• Reduces Mental RES when using Magical Piercing
• Does not decrease movement speed and DEF when using Invisible Stalker skill

2. Changes to the Elementalist Class
• “Activate Mana” has been changed to “Elemental Protection”
• After casting “Elemental Protection”, you will be allowed to defend against any attack once. After blocking the attack, “Elemental Protection” will be gone
• Increases damage of “Meteor Strike”, “Firewall”, “Blazing Pillar” and “Volcanic Eruption”

3. Changes to Irawan
• Increases damage for “Will of the Warrior” buff and removed increase attack speed

4. Changes to Jean-Pierre Gascon
• New skill “Earth Mental Attack”
• Increases DEF, all RES and additional Mental ATK at the cost of decreased movement speed

5. Changes to Gracielo
• New skill “Violent Wind Attack”
• Increases ATK speed, movement speed and additional Lightning ATK at the cost of decreased DEF

System Changes
1. Increase chances of item appearing in Bellem Box

2. Botter Report System
a. You can report botters by right clicking on the suspected family and selecting the option “Report Botters”
b. You can only report botters three times. If the person you reported is found to be a botter, the amount of times you can report a botter will not be reduced. However if the person is found not to be a botter, you will lose 1 reporting chance
c. If you are reported as a botter, you will be able to see a warning window and you are required to type the characters on the screen into the window. If the characters are not clear, you can click to redisplay the characters. The characters are not case sensitive
d. If you type the correct characters, you will be released from the botter report list for 900 seconds
e. However if you type the wrong characters or the time is over, you will be moved to the barracks
f. If you are moved to the barracks, your previous and new team will be saved at Underground Prison 1st Floor
g. In order to get out of the Underground Prison, you are required to talk to the NPC there and complete a quest
h. If the items you collected are more or less than what the NPC requires, you will have to redo the quest
i. If you cannot complete the quest, you will not be able to get out of the prison

If you are out of the prison but was reported by someone as a botter again, the quest will be much more difficult to complete

3. If you join the Election, you may receive ‘Election Compensation Potion’ from the Election Support Guide

4. There will be 1 additional Barracks which will result in the maximum amount of characters a user to be 45 characters

5. Remaining time for buffs will be indicated at the buff icon when you mouse over it

6. When logging out or exiting program, user will have to wait 5 seconds now
• If the character moves, attack, use skills or picked items then the 5 seconds countdown will be cancelled

7. Channel 3 removed after checks indicated low channel utilization. The freed-up resources are re-allocated to beef up other peripheral servers within the Granado Espada infrastructure.

8. Missions rewards changed
• Changed rewards for Level 1, 2 and 3 missions
• Increase chances of obtaining unique or elite items in Mission Level 1, 2 and 3

9. Dungeon Boss Raid Changes
• User will be automatically moved to barracks after 90 seconds
• Increase spawning speed of boss monster

10. Vergo the Cursed Rules Changes
• Stone Tomb of the Phantom will be changed to an NPC

11. Expert Promotion
• Once you reached “Veteran” 100%, you can use a “Promotion Scroll – Expert” to increase your level
• Upon reaching Expert level, you will gain 1 additional stats point, ATK and DEF Rating will also increase by 2

12. Baron Rules Changed
• Decrease chances of dropping item while in baron mode, but it will be much more difficult to be released from baron mode

13. Upon right clicking on the user name in the chat window, you will be able to use the following functions (Whisper, Squad Invitation, Family Profit and Register Friend)

14. Changed system message colour

15. Bullet Charger
• Added a new Bullet Charger next to the Equipment Merchant in each town.

16. Premium Item warehouse
• Players are able to store Premium Items in their warehouse now

you can visit the GE forums at for any new updates
enjoy playing ^^

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