Granado Espada and Ragnarok Online: What do they have in common?


We all know that the person behind the creation of Granado Espada was no other than Hakkyu Kim, where he created a world set in a Renaissance and Baroque world and he also introduced one of the most unqiue feature: the Multi-Character Control (MCC) where you control up to 3 characters simultaneously.

But before he created Granado Espada, in 2000,Hakkyu Kim also developed a popular MMORPG that also became Koreas’s most successful online game: and that is Ragnarok Online.

But sometimes, some companies and game developers left icons or features from their old games to new games so people can remember some of the famous games that the creator or the company have developed or give it a nostalgic feeling, some examples are Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy,Warcraft and the list goes on. So how about Granado Espada and Ragnarok Online? I conducted some research, and this is what I have discovered.

Some of the shortcuts of GE and RO are almost the same:
alt+e will bring up the inventory
alt+o for the options window
alt+s for the skill window

but there are some shortcuts that are the same but have different functions

alt+q for GE brings up the quit menu, for RO it brings up the equipment menu
alt+a for GE opens the quest window while for RO it opens the stats window
alt+x for GE opens the pose menu whle for RO it opens the quit menu

Aside from the alt shortcuts, the inventory window of both games are almost the same

as you can see, the equip,expendand misc(excluding quest)tabs of GE are similar to the equip,item and etc tabs of RO
There are also items of RO and GE that have similar features although they have different name or appearance
one example is the exp manuals

the manual in GE is called Combat Manual while in RO it’s called Field Manual,both of them have the same feature: they give increase the % of exp in a certain period of time.

another item is the Mystic Spinelle(GE)/Dead Branch(RO)

they both summon a random monster that will attack any player, but some Spinelles of GE that can summon specific monsters depending on the Spinelle’s name or the Amber which summons a monster but will aid you in battle instead of attacking you

Next is the Bellem’s Box(GE) and Old Blue Box(RO)

Both of these items gives you a random item, from potions to weapons to plain coal

in GE, there are different boxes aside from the Bellem’s Box that also give random items, like the Andre Box which gives a random costume, Karja’s Vanity Box which gives a random head or back costume and the Glasses Box which gives a random Glasses costume

While in RO, there’s another Box called Old Purple Box where it is similar to OBB but has better drops.



Aside from items, some features are also similar like the Provoke Skill, the casting meter and the flashing of skill names

The casting meter of both games

The Provoke Skill (Note: both games have two exclamation mark on their skill names)

As you can see, the Provoke Skill of both games are similar, from the skill name to the skill ability

One of famous towns in both GE and RO also have the similarites:
Cite de Reboldeux(GE) and Prontera(RO)

From the floor design to the fountain, they both have similar designs

And of course, some monsters in GE have similarities to the monsters of RO
some examples are:

Helena(GE) and Alice(RO)


Alligator(RO) and Crocodile(GE)

Fallen Champion(GE) and Abysmal Knight(RO)


Pecopeco(RO) and Cockatrice(GE)
and lastly, there are also some NPCs that are similar to each other:
like the bard and kafra of RO to Vicente Rio and the Premium Item Merchant of GE

the Kafra of RO and the merchant NPCs of GE may have different functions, but they do look a like


Vicente Rio of GE have similar skills and abilities that of the Bard job in RO, and not to mention the weapon they both are using.



This similarities may be coincidental or intentional, but one thing is for sure, Mr. Hakkyu Kim
just made two great online games for us to enjoy ^^


credits to Kurse and Zangief of Covenant Faction for the GE and RO in game pics

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