Event Aftermath: Domination II

whew sorry for the delay… kinda busy this week…
coz it’s my finals week hihih

All gamers of E-games have gathered together of one day of non stop entertainment, lots of freebies and a touch of cosplay and don’t forget some band performance.

the E-Games Donimation II was held at the SMX convention center at the Mall of Asia

Let’s form… SMX force!! (WTF!!!)

We arrived at 9:45am and woah! the line is so long it almost reach the other building, and worst part is that our pre-reg form is useless since they’re doing the old fashion way (that is you still have to fall in line like the rest of the people and wait till you can fill up a registration form and show it at the entrance) oh well… we were inside the event at 11:45 am (took us almost 2 hours of waiting outside, luckily there are some free drinks from the sponsors ^^

Into the gates of games 

Inside the venue, we were met by some of our former and current factionmates and fellow bloggers. And also Miss Hrin was at the event with the IAH team.
There are contest and activities on the GE booth like the faction banner contest, pvp tourneys and the Live Adelina’s Booty.

and off course the awarding of the most loyal and active Factions and the GE Community heroes.

Posing with Sigrid and Kincaid
All Hail to the Covenant
(left to right: Forjadorluna, POTAs, Reizeiā„¢, Blacksword, Nicotina, Sigrid, Kincaid, Mitchin and Kurse)
Woohoo go Outcasts
i don’t have much time to tour the whole event since there’s so many people inside
and Congrats to all the winners in the activities and awardees in the GE Community Heroes and especially to the Outcasts faction for winning the Most Loyal Faction and also the Faction Banner.

for the full coverage of Domination II, you can visit the following blogs:

Philippine Community Manager Veya

you can also visit granadoespadaph.mulitply.com for the list of winners in the events

well then, till next time…

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