The 6 worst MMOs of 2008

While surfing at the net, I found an article posted by mmocrunch
It’s about the top 6 worst MMOs of all time, and I’ll give you some hints on who’s included on the list… =)

1 popular console RPG turned MMO
1 popular movie franchise
2 MMOs available locally
2 errr not so familiar MMOs

curious?…well now, I’ll just show only 2 of the games which is also available in the Philippines

Ranking on number 3 is Lineage II by AMDG

I know some fanboys will react on these…
well anyway this are the factors on why L2 sucks (comments provided by Gamespy)

  • Terrible for small party/casual players
  • lag in graphically complicated areas
  • poor chat system and guild management tools
  • minimal character customization

L2 once had 2.2 million subscribers worldwide, but because the game did not live up to the hype,
it drop to just over a million subscribers

*Personal Notes:

Although I only played a few hours on this game, the only thing that I liked in this game is the visuals.
But sometimes graphics isn’t everything, in my opinion, gameplay is more important than graphics and not to mention the uniqueness of the game. If the graphics is so amazing, I’d rather watch it ^^ well since it’s good enough to watch than to play.
Since the gameplay is also similar to traditional MMOs in the market, there’s nothing new to anticipate on this game. And this game is all about grinding, and by the way, this game is on a Pay to Play model, so expect lots of money to disappear in your pockets ^^

Next on number 2 is RF Online from Level Up! Games

again many players would have mix reactions to this game, and these are the reasons why it made it to top 2…(courtesy of Gamespot)

  • Low-level quests are generic and boring
  • Traveling around the world is painfully slow
  • Very little variety in terms of items, quests, classes, and enemies
  • Bland environments.

RF online was once on a Pay to Play business model (and not to mention, the most expensive local MMO P2P game), now it’s a Free to Play game

*Personal Notes:

It may have a unique theme (Sci-Fi theme) , but it still lacks content.

The game’s gameplay is not that exciting, although it’s a purely pvp MMO, the gamplay is plainly point and click. Aside from mediocre gameplay, the game’s a grindfest, meaning you have to invest a lot of time and money just to gain a high level character, and imagine how much you’ll cough up your wallet when it was on its p2p days.

The job system may be unique from traditional Korean MMOs, but it’s function are still similar to ordinary MMOs while the race system is almost “borrowed” from World of Warcraft.
The quest are very few and boring, there’s no additional quest aside form to quest you recieve every time you level up.

The only good points on this game is the intense pvp war (that is called Chip Wars) everyday and the constant change of the game’s economy causing the increase or decrease of tax in the market.
Nonetheless, this game can be considered on a “average” rating.

So there you have it, I’m not being biased or one sided just because I’m playing Granado Espada.
I’m only pinpointing the bad stuffs that I encounter while playing these games and from experiences from my fellow gamers.

and yes, these games are popular in our country, many gamers are playing these games, but not all of them are satisfied with the game, mainly, these players are still playing them because of the money and time they have invested, or because the players are very competitive or maybe because their friends are playing it, regardless on the quality of the game.

But trust me, once you tried different MMOs available inside and outside our country, you’ll gonna say that these games are not the best after all.

(the ratings and rankings are based from and from other popular game review sites)

you can visit the full article of mmocrunch by clicking here

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  1. Not to mention RF Online had the biggest number of pseudo-intellectuals in its community during my time.

    Shet, minsan I wish other people would just play!

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