Players Guide in Finding a Suitable I-Cafe to Play

Summer time is over and it’s time to go back to school…
I know some of you guys and gals are moving to your next step in life, as freshmen in college
New school, new friends, new interesting things to discover and of course… a new place to play GE (but be sure you play during break times or after school ^^)

To help guys in finding a suitable place to play you favorite MMORPG,┬áhere are some tips and tricks to help you find your gaming “tambayan”

1.) Find an I-Cafe that is easily accessible, meaning finding a spot where it is near a school, Mall, and public transport so you won’t having trouble going to the Cafe.

2.) Check if the area has a low crime rate, this is to ensure your safety from snatchers and muggers inside and outside the I-Cafe. and also check if the Cafe has any security guards.

3.) Check if the I-Cafe has fast PCs, so you won’t have problems playing GE (especially during Colony Wars) to check if the PC is GE ready, the processor should be at least Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz or better like Core 2 Duo or Quad Core, the RAM should be at least 512MB to 1GB, the video should be GeForce2 MX400 up to the latest Video Card (some new I-Cafes are now at GeForce 7000 series) and the Direct X should be at 9.0C to latest and the OS should be Windows XP SP2 up to Windows Vista and very fast internet speed.
4.) Make sure that the I-Cafe’s rental rate suits your budget, especially if your going to play till dawn, a hourly rate of P20-P30 is reasonable (depending on your allowance and the number of hours you play daily) but some shops can go lower at P15.

5.) Also check if they have special promos, like membership for discounts and special hourly promos like the 8 hours, 12 hours and even 24 hours promo rates (this is very affordable to players who plays for a long time.

6.) Check if there are nearby food stalls, a gamer who plays with an empty stomach can’t play well, so be sure to grab some munchies at nearby food stalls or even inside the I-Cafe (if they offer foods and drinks).

7.) Check if the I-Cafe has any record of hacking incidents, getting hacked really sucks, especially if you invested a lot of money and time for your game, so make sure that the I-Cafe has no record of hacking incidents or if not any hackers that have been caught, this ensures that the shop has zero tolerance against hackers.

8.) Check for any installed keyloggers in the I-Cafe, the most basic method of finding any keyloggers is by checking the task manager, then check for any suspicious programs installed and close it, another method is by using the msconfig (to go the start menu and click run, then type msconfig.

9.) Always be alert on your surroundings, be on the look out for any eyeloggers and even snatchers nearby.

10.) Befriend with the shop administrator, or even with the shop owner, this can be very helpful, since this will give you updates inside the shop and even on the MMO Community (these guys can be gamers you know) or maybe a big discount on their shop.

11.) Also make friends with fellow gamers inside, nothing beats having new friends, especially if both of you are playing the same game, so don’t get surprised if you and your newly found friends form your very own guild.

12.) Never brag about your avatar, this could attract trouble,especially when you are new in the Cafe, it can even attract hackers, so be sure not to brag about your game avatar.

13.) Check if the I-Cafe has any restrictions regarding downloads and streams, since downloading files (thru Torrent and even LimeWire) can eat up the internet speed causing players to experience lag and delay, so to ensure steady connection speed, some I-Cafes are restricting people to download and even stream videos, sometimes they just reduce the internet speed of every PC in the Cafe so customers can still enjoy downloading and streaming at low speed and gamers can still enjoy playing their online games.

14.) Also check if the I-Cafe is open 24/7, so you can play with your friends on wees hours till the break of dawn (be sure to do it during weekends and holidays ok?).

15.) See if they also sell game cards, so you don’t need to look on other shop just to buy a game card, whether they sell it via electronic load pins (Load Central) or via game cards.

so there you have it, I hope this can be helpful in searching for your new “tambayan”

and I more thing:
make sure you study hard, get good grades and always finish all your homework before you start your gaming marathon.

“coz all play and no study makes you a noob”

till next time…

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  1. “10.) Be friends with the shop administrator”

    Di ko siya friend…

    crush ko siya :p

    LOL MALANDI ! hahahahaha

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