The Diffrerent Faces of the GE The Requiem Poster

The Requiem Patch is just few days away, with the patch already available for download and everybody’s (well..almost everybody) preparing to promote the new patch

IAH and E-Games had already released a picture of their poster for GE v2.6. Now let’s take a look on the differences of these posters:

To start off, let’s take a look on the original poster from Korea:

You’ll notice that Calyce is included on the poster but she won’t be available on the Requiem patch, alongside Calyce is Bai Ho, who is available in the patch but not this month, but hopefully in August (let’s cross our fingers now ^^)
You’ll also see the some of the stock characters wearing Le Noir armor and some Serpent and Chess Series weapons. The cool part in the poster is the female Elementalist casting a spell

Onward to the next version is from Singapore:

You can see that Calyce, the Musketeer and the Elementalist were removed from the original poster (well since Calyce is not available on v2.6), replacing them were Feng Ling and Vicente Rio. The Requiem title is present on the poster with the famous subtitle for the latest patch. I know you guys will ask me why is it dated on June 2008 when it was scheduled for July, well it was originally scheduled on June 12, but due to current bug problems on the server, the schedule was moved to July 3. The bad part on this poster is that Feng Ling is really out of place on this poster and the Free to Play logo on the upper right corner looks a bit plain and boring.
overall the poster’s a bit average compared to the original version.

And finally the Philippine version:

As you can see this version is almost similar that to the Singapore one, but with some add details.
First, they remove Feng Ling from the poster (with is good) and Vicentne Rio with Bai Ho are bigger compared to the Singapore version, and the Free to Play logo has an improved design.
Also they added some pics below the poster for added details on the patch,but I hope that they didn’t remove the Musketeer and Elementalist on the poster. I can say that this is way better than the Singapore version.

So there you have it folks, the different versions of Granado Espada “The Requiem” Patch

damn I can’t wait ^^

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