The Outrageous Musketeer

Finally after all the wait, my musketeer just got her new stance; the Outrage Shot.This is one of the new stances that was released this July for the Requeim Expansion of Granado Espada, aside from the musketeer; Grace Bernelli, Lorch, Brunie and Gavin will also get new range stances.For this article, I’ve created a guide that focuses more on the Outrage Shot, on how good it is, how can you obtain it and much more…
for starters, here are the stance and skill description for the stance:(sources from the GE website)

Outrage Shot

This is an upgraded version of dual pistols, able to fire a series of rapid shots at the enemy. At Level 25, this stance will grant you +40 Accuracy and +25% Attack Speed.

The Skills

Sapping Shots

Range: 1 enemy within a range of 6M

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Requires: 100 SP and 4 Pistol Bullets

Description: Fires at enemy (Unable to move the lower half of one’s body)

Power: 1050% ATK and 25% chance to inflict [Mortal Wound]

*side note: a very good starting skill with high damage although it has a 5 sec. cooldown, the good part is that it’s a knockback skill and has a chance to inflict mortal wound.


Range: 1 enemy within a range of 7M

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Requires: 200 SP and 8 Pistol Bullets

Description: Fires 8 times consecutively

Power: 2263% ATK

*side note: an improved version of quatro firing, the bad side is that this skill has no mortal wound infliction.

Dancing Revolvers

Range: Up to 6 enemies 8M away and within a 4M radius

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Requires: 250 SP and 20 Pistol Bullets

Description: A frenzy of graceful shots at enemies

Power: 1345% ATK and 50% chance to inflict [Mortal Wound]

*side note: one of the coolest skill ever, can eliminate high level mobs with one use (7k-12k damage), unfortunately it can only target 6,


Range: 1 enemy within a range of 9M

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Requires: 300 SP and 20 Pistol Bullets

Description: Random shots at enemies

Power: 1267% ATK, 100% chance to inflict [Mortal Wound] and -50 Enemy DEF

*side note: another cool skill, with proper weapons, you can kill fighters with these, if not,it’ll surely inflict mortal wound on them,and with the -100 DEF (added with the mortal wound effect) it can leave the fighter weakened for any attack. The only drawback is that the skill takes long to finish its animation, leaving the musketeer open for any counterattack

Mortal Wound: reduces ATK, attack speed, and movement speed by 15%, reduces DEF by 50

Source from


Double-Gun Shot / Outrage Shot

Why Outrage Shot?


You really gonna love these skills, almost every one of them has a chance or always inflict Mortal Wound status effect,

which can be really helpful in pvps and even on raids, also, you’ll notice that the attack speed has dramatically increased, meaning the musketeer can reach 20 attack speed even without buffs, and if properly equipped, it can go faster at 15-10 attack speed. With just 3 musketeers, you can wreak havoc on your enemies before they can reach you. Another good thing is the +40 accuracy bonus at max level, your musketeer can reach perfect accuracy (100 Accuracy).

One of the things I really love with this stance is that it hits the target four times, with the addition of the insane high attack speed, and with some critical bonus on your weapon, you can deal lots of damage and I mean a lot, it could range at 2.5k to 4k and (gasp*) 5k to 8k damage, it can deal massive damage to high level boss without spamming any skills. You remember the video I posted a few weeks ago? now that’s what I’m talking about, now that’s PURE PWNAGE ^^

But the bad part with the Outrage Shot is that it can eat up your ammunition pretty fast, just playing for 6-7 hours, you’ll see notice that your pistol ammos are running empty. And if have two or more Musks, your ammos would only last for 2 hours. So it can be difficult to leave your Musketeer in AFK while using Outrage Shot, better use it when hunting or in raids.

To see how the skills and attacks of the Outrage Shot has, I created a video of the different skills,

by the way, thanks to xXVOLDEMORTXx for helping me with the skill demonstration.

(Note: There’s a correction in one of the skill name in the video, It should be Dancing Revolvers instead of Dancing Revolers lol)

How to get it

Now you know how good Outrage Shot is, for the next part, I’ll show you how to get it.

First of all you need to be in Veteran Level, second, your Double-Gun Shot Stance must be at level 25, and finally, you’ll be needing 25 pcs. of Mystery Powders and 30 pcs. of Expedition Memos

The Mystery Powder can be purchase via G-Points from Leticia, it costs around 220 G-Points per piece, for 25 pieces, it’ll be at 5500 G-Points.

For the Expedition’s Memo, this can be found from monsters at the Bahamas Maps, the drop rate is high that you can collect 30 pcs. in less than an hour.

Once you have all the requirements, proceed to the Bahamas Base Camp, you can get there by going to Ustuir Zona Quatro. Then talk to the Scholar NPC, then select your desired stance book (of course your choice would be Outrage Shot)

And voila, you now received your very own Outrage Shot stance book, now go level your stance ^^

Equipping your Musketeer

Now you’ve got your Stance Book, the next step is to equip your musketeer, the most important thing to note is giving it Attack Speed bonuses, so invest more on that, followed by Attack bonuses and Critical Rate, you can even add some status effect bonus. For the Armor, it’s best to get the level 84 Elite Striform or the level 100 Corsair de Rosso since these are the only good armors that have +8% attack speed bonus, if possible, try to get the Divine Angel Wing back costume, this gives a 5% attack Speed, movement speed bonus and it’s a permanent costume, next is to find a good leather gloves with 10% attack speed or if you have lots of vis, try investing on veteran gloves with attack speed of 15%-20%. For the Weapons, it’s better to invest on Elite 92 Pistols rather than on the level 100 Desert Storm since chipping 92 weapons are alot cheaper and both of them has the same AR and damage.

If you want an alternative weapon, you can try the Pioneer Weapons, for the level 100 Pioneer Weapons, you’ll be needing Epic Glaziums and 4 pcs. of Mystery Powders. Epic Glaziums can be found on high level quests (Katovic, Bahamas and other Veteran Level Maps). Level 100 Pioneer Weapons are the only Pioneer Weapons that requires Mystery Powders.

For more info on how to craft Pioneer Weapons, visit the GE website’s guide

The level 100 Pioneer Weapons are 1 AR and 16 ATK lower than the usual level 100 Weapons, but with just one enhancement chip , you can get incredible stats like this Pistol for example:

If you’re gonna bring 3 Musks or if you have a team with no buffer (Scout, Soho and even Rio wtih his Serenade Stance), it’s better to bring lots of Analeptic Remedy and Big Watermelon Slices, Watermelons can be bought at Port of Bahia.

Musketeer or Brunie?

There’s even a debate on whether Brunie or the Musketeer is better with the Outrage Shot, you can find the forum discussion here. If you’d ask me, I’d prefer using the Musketeer over Brunie because of the Concentraion buff, at level 11 it can give a +1 AR bonus, plus 16% Critical Rate and +32 Accuracy, and add that with some critical bonus from your weapons, your Musk can deal lots of critical damage, although Brunie can still be powerful with its 9 AGI and a couple of status effect bonus pistols (Fear,Darkness,Poison) which can be deadly on PVP situations. But in terms of dealing damage, the Musketeer is still the winner.

So there you have it. I hope my guide has become very useful on your quest in creating your very own Outrageous Musketeer. Till next time…

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