Olympic themed costume for Granado Espada

We all know tomorrow’s gonna be the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics at Beijing, China.
So in celebrating the Olympics, the guys at Granado Espada China decided to include the Beijing Olympics Costume to the game in their support to the Chinese team in the upcoming Olympics.

Originally posted by Mewmender at the GE SEA/ANZ Forums

Male Fighter
Male Musketeer
Female Elementalist
Female Wizard
Female Scout

*Not shown: Female Musketeer, Male Wizard, Male Scout, Male Elementalist

Now if Filipino players can wear a Team Philippines costume in GE to support their team.
like this one for example

And don’t forget to root for your participating countries in the Olympics tomorrow,
and go for the gold Team Philippines.

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2 Responses to "Olympic themed costume for Granado Espada"
  1. waaaaaaaah why do the costumes make the girls look like they’ve lost their curves???

    the jersey looks ESPECIALLY bad on the female wiz. that makes me cry because i love female wizzes….

  2. hehehe looks like they need to start jogging to take off those excess polygon calories ^^

    maybe they’re wearing XL size

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