New Expert Stances for Granado Espada

Yes folks you read it right…new stances, and no, it’s not the new melee veteran stances that’s coming on August 21, this is the new stances from GE Korea that refor exprt. Not sure if it’s for the V2.9 or for the V3.0 update.

*According to the site at Doratomo
it looks like the new stances are for experts
If it is indeed true, looks like I need to grind harder, I’m still at 40% ^^

The new stances are the Flintlock stance for Rifles, Rapiere stance for two (yes, two) Rapiers, Arnis stance for one hand Daggers, Equites for one hand Swords (this time without shields) and the Hanging Guard stance for Greatswords

At the moment, there are still no videos for the skills and no news whether this stances requires Mystery Powders which is required on the new expert stances in V2.6

For now, these are few pics for the skills of the new stances:

Originally posted by Dem at the GE SEA/ANZ forums

Arnis Stance 

Equites Stance
Flintlock Stance
Hanging Guard Stance
Rapiere Stance
Flintlock Stance

There’s still no confirmation whether these stances are exclusive to stock characters only, unfortunately, the wizard and the elementalist still has no additional stances up to date.

And what’s cool is that we’ll get to see a Filipino self-defense technique brought to life into Granado Espada, another proud moment for us Filipinos.

Also, some weapons like the swords and rifles are given some major upgrade, making them a new point of interest to players once the new stance arrives, And this will encourage players to continue grinding for those who haven’t reached expert status

For now, these are the info that I can give, so tune in for more updates in the new stances…
*correction on the stances, these are for experts not for veterans ^^

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  1. Frankly speaking, those new stances however flashy they could get would be worthless if you don’t have the right AR.

    Everything boils down to AR and DR which makes the game such a drag.

    2 cents

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