Gladiator of The New World

Okay, have already have lots of martial arts RNPCs (5 to be exact, if you can consider Jean-Pierre as a martial artist)

Luckily, the upcoming V3.0 of Granado Espada will introduce us to a new kind of RNPC

For now there are still few infos regarding the new RNPCs, so for now here are some of the things I’ve found:

Nar is the name of one of the new RNPCs that’ll be realeased on the V3.0 patch.
he looks more like an aztec gladiator due to his big bulky appearance.
He can be found in the new area called Errac, which will be accessible in the V3.0 patch.

Pics sources are from the GE SEA/ANZ forums

and these are the stats of Nar:

HP 8




And if I mean Big and Bulky, it’s really Big and Bulky, check out the pic below
With 8 STR and HP, he’s one big killing machine i say, he also has two unique stances; Combatant and Semilunar. Combatant is a bare knuckle like stance but the difference here is that its uses a Tonfa instead of Knuckles and Gaiters. Semilunar is a new stance that uses two Blunt weapons, you can really imagine a gladiator wielding two huge clubs with Nar ^^

and here are the skills and descriptions for the stances:
description source from the GE SEA/ANZ forums

Combatant: +15 accuracy, +20% attack speed, +15 block at stance lvl 25

Battle smash – 100 sp, 5 second recharge, 738% to 1 nearby enemy with -20 defense and 50% chance to stun

Rolls of Thunder – 150 sp, 30 second recharge, consumes 5 ancient aubes (?), 308% to 10 enemies within a 8m radius with -30 defense and 66% chance to cause some sort of new status effect

Shoulder Charge – 200 sp, 15 second recharge, 726% to 3 enemies in a distance of 7m within a radius of 2m with -30 defense.

Throwing Axe – 250 sp, 20 second recharge, 1047% to 1 enemy in 10m with -50 defense.

Windstorm – 300 sp, 20 second recharge, 2102% to 1 nearby enemy with -50 defense.

Semilunar: +18% attack speed, +20 penetration at stance lvl 25

Impulse – 100 sp, 3 second recharge, 388% to 5 enemies nearby with -30 defense.

Gruesome – 150 sp, 20 second recharge, 1133% to 1 nearby enemy with -30 defense.

Militant – 200 sp, 180 second recharge, consumes 5 ancient aubes (?), self buff that last for 60 seconds and gives +1 CON

Merciless – 250 sp, 15 second recharge, 889% to 3 enemies nearby with -40 defense.

Occult Sciences – 300 sp, 60 second recharge, consumes 3 ancient aubes (?), 261% to 9 enemies nearby with -50 defense and a 66% chance to inflict with the new status effect

also take note that while using the semilunar stance, you’ll noticed that your accuracy is lower than that of any melee stance.

so far there are still no news on how Nar can be recruited, tune in for more updates in the future

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