Meet the new CM / GE Mini Community Meeting

Last Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008 at the Fandom Cafe in Regalia Park Towers in Cubao held the 3rd GE mini-community meeting.

Side Note* Fandom Cafe was the headquarters of the New Worlds Alliance
If you’re a fan of Sci-Fci and Fantasy shows, might as well pay a visit to this cool cafe

pics courtesy of Ninemoons’ Blog

Inside Fandom Cafe; Fiksdotter (in white), Blacksword, Grantoza, Rivendel, Kindaid, CM Aethrin,
Ninemoons, Rosso (not pictured: Mena, one of the e-games GE marketing staff and Reclusion(holding camera))

Where bloggers/gamers and the staff of GE have gathered together to discuss about the different issues regarding the game, and not to mention we had a special guest on that day, the new Community Manager of GE Ph himself, CM Aethrin

From left to right, bottom row; CM Aethrin, Grantoza, Ninemoons, Mena (standing)
middle row; Reclusion, Fiksdotter, Blacksword
top row; Rivendel, Kincaid

The guys that were present on the meeting where: Blacksword, CM Aethrin, Fiksdotter, Grantoza(who surprisingly was one of the GE marketing staff that came w/ CM Aethrin), Kincaid, Mena, Ninemoons, Reclusion, and Rivendel.

The discussion is about how we can promote the game, as well as the issues regarding the access of G-Points and also installers, posters of GE. One of the goods news is that the epoints to gpoints conversion is on the works now, and hopefully this’ll be approved in a short period of time.

CM Aethrin also ask for suggestions for the upcoming GE Anniversary, which will be on the 15th of September, whether will it be set before (Sept. 13-14) or after (Sept. 20-21) of the actual anniversary date. The venue would be probably be in GameFrog in Ortigas for Luzon, and a combined event for the Visayas and Mindanao.

Posing outside Fandom Cafe

We’re hoping that the GE anniversary runs smoothly in a fews days,

Until then, happy leveling…

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*Advance Happy Birhtday to Ninemoons

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  1. just a thought, have you ever wondered why we have always been raising the same issues over and over again, for the past year~~~

  2. ya, now that you mention it…it’s the same issue for the past year…
    well I hope that with a new CM in town…hopefully this’ll change for the best

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