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Online Activities Mechanics

GE Tournament Clash of the Pioneers
3 versus 3


Server: Internal Test Server

  1. All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply. This tournament is open for the test server only.
  2. Each team will consist of 3 players. Players are not allowed to join multiple teams. Players found to be in multiple teams will have their teams immediately disqualified.
  3. Players from each team will be using the pre-made accounts set by the Game Facilitators. They can choose their own MCC team/set of characters from the said account.
  4. Each team/player will be using only the consumables provided by the Game Facilitators.
  5. Players are to meet at the City of Auch – PvP Officer 10 minutes before the tournament starts.
  6. There will be an allotment of 10 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for the match.
  7. Once the 5-minute time is up, it’s hands-off-the-keyboard. Any player with hands on the keyboard will automatically be disqualified.
  8. The team to successfully exterminate all 9 characters of the opposing team will be pronounced the winner for that match.
  9. In case of a “draw,” both teams will be required to play a “sudden death match.” Players are not allowed to change their character setup. First team to score a character-kill will be the winner of the match.
  10. Warnings will be given for team displaying unsportsmanship behavior or not abiding by the rules and/or listening to the GMs/marshals. There will be disqualifications on the team who will receive 3 warnings and/or exploitation of any bugs and intentional disconnections during the match.
  11. Finals Match will be best of three.
  12. In case of system failures or disconnections, inform the marshals as soon as possible. If any players are disconnected before any engagement is made, the match will be restarted. The marshal is also responsible and monitor the match at all times in cases like this one.
  13. Tournament fee is 20EP/750GVC unscratched.


1st Prize:

  • 3 Item of the Month*
  • 15×10 Adelina Booty Searches
  • Le Blanc
  • 3 Combat Manual 30 Days
  • 3 Training Manual 30 Days
  • E-Games Goody Bag

2nd Prize:

  • 9×10 Adelina Booty Searches
  • 3 Combat Manual 15 Days Expert
  • 3 Training Manual 15 Days Expert
  • 3 Rabbit Hair lace
  • E-Games Goody Bag

Newbie Level Race


  • All terms and conditions of IAHGames Passport apply.
  • Only new registered gamer are allowed to join.
  • The gamer who reaches the highest level after 30 minutes will be the winner.


  • Combat and Training Manual (Beginner)* 30 Days
  • Master Field Manual 1 Day
  • 3×10 Adelina Booty Searches
  • E-Games Goody Bag

Offline Activities

The Gathering
Faction/Server with the most number of attendees will win the following items:

  • 3×10 Adelina Booty Searches
  • Field Manual 1 Day
  • Bear Package

Trivia and Raffle

  1. 256, 512 and 1 gig Palit Video Card
  2. GE Limited Edition Box
  3. Game Item Code Vouchers
  • Adelina Booty Searches
  • Level 100 Weapons*
  • Master Field Manual 1 Day
  • Combat Manual Expert 15 Days
  • Le Blanc
  • Item of the Month
  • GE Merchandise

Fan art contest


  • Interested participants may make use of any of the following: Adobe Photoshop, Stencil, Charcoal, pencil or any artwork medium.
  • Entries must be GE inspired.
  • There are no artwork size requiremens. Be free to experiment and create!
  • One entry per participant.
  • Participant should bring their finished artworks to the event.

Criteria for Judging:
Creativity 50%
Color scheme 30 %
Relevance to GE 20%


1st Prize:

  • 256 Palit Video Card
  • 3×10 Adelina Booty Searches
  • Combat Manual 30 Days Expert
  • E-Games Goody Bag

2nd Prize:

  • 3×10 Adelina Booty Search
  • Combat Manual 15 Days Expert
  • E-Games Goody Bag

Have a Friend will win


  • Players who can bring their friends (non GE Player) will receive a gift pack from GE Team
  • The more friends you have the more prizes you will get.

In-game item bundles for merchandise

GE Limited Edition Box
• 1 Item of the Month

GE Jacket
• 20 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Shirt
• 20 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Tumbler
• 10 ABS and 1 Day Field Manual

GE Ball pen
• 10 ABS

*These items are subject to change without prior notice.



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