Character Name Generator

Are you running out of ideas of new names for your newly created character?
Or are you just tired of your same old character name and you just wanna change it, and still can’t think of something cool for a character name.

Well fret not, coz here’s a site that you’ll help you in creating some cool and somewhat wierd character names

Main Page

In seventh sanctum, you can generate different kinds of character names
from evil names to superhero names to techno fantasy names and also pet names, you can even create DJ names

Evil Name Generator page

And that’s not the only feature Seventh Sanctum has, you can even create equipment names, martial arts skill names, organization names and even your own RPG name

Character Class/Profession Generator page

Overall, this is a very useful site for persons who love making RPGs and even ordinary gamers who are having trouble getting the best name for their avatars (especially for Granado Espada gamers ^_^).

so if you’re tired of naming your characters naruto178, ichigo55, jedimaster9
might as well try this cool site

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