The Art of AFKing

I know that playing a game for very long period of time can be very tiring especially in MMOs where you have to grind grind grind for eternity till you reach the highest level or obtain the rarest weapon.

But some games like Granado Espada can let players grind their characters without having to control them all the time.

Cat on guard

This is what we call “AFK gaming”
AFK is the acronym for Away from Keyboard where in gaming the player is letting his/her game unattended for a period of time and then he/she just check his/her avatar’s status once in a while, the player is still using the computer but he/she is attending to some tasks like surfing the net, typing some documents, or even playing another game

Hardcore players tends to AFK overnight to continue the level progress of their avatars while
other players just do it to ease the boredom of grinding their avatars for a very long time.

One of the benefits when AFKing is that you can do other things aside from grinding all day (like taking a bath or even go to school or work ^_^) and still your avatars are gaining experience, the down side is that they can’t loot items

For the players who want to AFK in their games should take note of some of the dos and don’ts:


  • AFK in a Internet Cafe unattended, ask someone you knew to check on your avatars once in a while
  • Let anyone you don’t know use the computer while your AFKing at the Internet Cafe, ask someone you know to check your avatars just in case someone’s messing with your PC
  • Download a large number of files, it can cause lag on your game
  • Open alot of applications in your computer (unless your PC has alot of memory and very fast processor), not just it causes lag to the game, it could crash your game client
  • Let your PC be on for a very long time, it can reduce the life span of your computers
  • AFK on high spawned areas unless your avatars can really survive on those areas, so you don’t have to worry on finding a spot when your avatars got killed


  • Let your PC take a rest after using it for a long time, especially if you let in afk for around 12-24 hours
  • Put your game into window mode, it’ll be easier for you to monitor your game while your using a different application in your computer
  • Check your avatars once in a while, you’ll never know if your avatars was already disconnected or dead for a long time
  • Stock up your avatar’s supplies (ammos, pots, etc.), so they won’t be sitting there doing nothing for a very long time
  • Set your video settings to minimum while you AFKing, this to lessen the lag on your game when you are multitasking in your PC
Let the screwdriver do the work

Now you know the dos and don’ts, it’s time to check on what things you can do while your AFKing on your PC

Surf the net
You can visit different forums like Granado Espada’s Official Forum
while reading the forums, you can get additional info, tips and guides for your characters and get a chance to discuss with other gamers.

or you can visit some of GE’s fan blogs like mine for example or even from Ninemoons, Desanggria and many others.

Play other games
Yes you can play another game as long as your PC has good specs to run two games at a time, some of my faction mates used to play Diablo II while they were AFKing at topolo durga, others try to play emulator games and if you have a really good PC, you can even play Warcraft 3 games like the famous DotA (Defense of the Ancients).

Or if your PC can’t run another game, why not try playing web browsing games, some good games like, and and help you waste some time while your in AFK mode, or if you want to play rpg games in the internet, try Dragon Fable, Adventure Quest and Mech Quest.

Watch videos or listen to music
If your tired of surfing the net and playing flash games, how about watching some cool videos
from YouTube to watch some GE videos and machinimas or view the latest video game trailers at GameTrailers.

You can just listen to music while you just sit there and relax and watching your avatars kill monsters, visit or use your Yahoo! Messenger music player.

There you have it, now you know all the important things when AFKing, off course AFKing does not only be effective in Granado Espada, this can be used in other online games

and don’t forget to let your computer take a break once in a while since your computer is taking all the beating.

Till next time… happy gaming

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  1. the pic with a screwdriver mounted on the keyboard was a trick being used on World of Warcraft, I think they use it when they are AFKing, kinda ingenious though ^^

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