Giant Controllers!!!

Ahhh gotta love those classic controllers, those simple curve design, those two or sometimes four buttons just for playing those timeless classic games, and now some players are making their own controllers, and the difference is….

It’s gotten a lot bigger than before, if I mean bigger….I really mean BIGGER

just check out this SNES controller from

As their tribute to Nintendo’s greatest gaming console, they decided to create a giant-sized controller, and the best of all, it works as a real SNES controller
now you relieve the Super Mario World, Supe Metroid and other SNES greats with this humongous controller

Another controller is from

This time it’s for Nintendo’s very first gaming console: the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short

and this controller is not only used as a coffee table, it’s also a storage space for your gaming stuffs and… it’s also works as a controller

Now that’s what I call “Hardcore Gamers”

more cool stuff next week
see yah…

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