Time for a Title Change

The Community Crew guys held a forum event a few weeks ago (23rd October 2008 – 6th November 2008) for a new forum title

the winner will recieve an Item of the Month and his/her very own unique forum title

many joined the contest, including me

below is my suggested title names

0 Posts – Cadet of the New World
10 Posts – New Recruit
50 Posts – Pioneer Settler
100 Posts – Town Guard
250 Posts – Monster Slayer
500 Posts – Dungeon Raider
750 Posts – Treasure Hunter
1,000 Posts – Veteran Pioneer
1,500 Posts – The Colony Leader
2,000 Posts – The Baron
4,000 Posts – Expert Pioneer
5,000 Posts – Hero of Uncharted Lands
7,500 Posts – The Grand Noble
10,000 Posts – The Great Legacy of Granado Espada

I noticed alot of forumers really lol’ed (laughing out loud) on town guard title, it may not fit right on the list, but it still give some bit of a funny twist to the list.

and to my surprise, my entry was chosen as the winner of the contest

now you’ll see you new titles as of this moment

like this one

and after awhile i have my very own title

you may wonder why I prefer “The Legendary Noise Maker”
well since I always make quite a lot of noise on the Player-Organized Real Life Gatherings thread of the forums because of E-Games being stupid for sometimes ignoring the GE-PH community

you can check the contest thread here

I’d like to thank the Community Crews and Lorenza for the contest
and also to the contestants for their creative and funny title ideas

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