The GE ph Community Outing Aftermath

Last monday, December 1,2008 at the Redbox in Trinoma held the GE ph Community Outing which was organize by Artaxerxes and Blacksword (yours truly). Orginally the usual gathering was attend by the GE bloggers, but now cosplayers and ordinary GE gamers are now joining the outing

*pictures courtesy of NineMoons

All are serious in the discussion

To my surprise, a lot of players really showed up for the Community Outing, this proves that there are still a lot of GE players in the Philippines.
And for the first time, players from both servers (Rembrandt and Bach) showed up to meet and greet in the said outing
where they share in-game experience and also discussed about how to improve the GE community

One of them is the lack of promotional gimmicks of E-Games for GE (like game installers and poster distribution), because of this problem, there are very few new players playing the game. Another is the problem with the 70k gpoints, the epoints to gpoints don’t have the 70k gpoint denomination. since the new CM of GE; CM Aethirn, handles 3 games at the same time (Granado Espada, Supreme Destiny and the upcoming game, NosTale) he’s having a hard time managing GE.

Many ideas have been discussed on how to promote GE in the Philippines, one them include the creation of the GE Cosplay Group (you can check their thread here) and some promotional gimmicks like creating postcards with the picture of the cosplayers

During the trivia contest
All are waiting for the next question

After the discussion, we held a trivia contest to the players who attended the gathering
we given out difficult trivia question, the prize for the contest is an Item of The Month code
and congratulations to the winners

Bach Server
First Row, from left to right: Dyosabelle, Kulangot, WellingX, needblabla, WaxMurderer (real owner), Crymetime, Riskbreaker, OfAndreus, LinkShot
Back, from left to right: WaxMurderer (second user), Panfilicious
Rembrandt Server
Foreground, from left to right: Colbourn (sitting), Ninemoons, Sigrid
First Row, from left to right: Clairemont, Serpentes, EldeonRose, Fiksdotter, Artaxerxes, Mitchin, Blacksword, Rivendel, Kincaid, Flihight

The venue may be crowded but we all still enjoyed in this gathering

Thanks to all who participated in the GE Community Outing
Don’t worry, there will be more gatherings in the future

Special thanks to CM Hrin for the codes and support and also to CM Aethrin
and also to IAH Games for bringing this wonderful game into Southeast Asia

Until next time, fellow gamers…

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