When Eastern Anime and Western Cartoons Mix

Imagine when Anime for the east get mixed up with cartoons of the west, what would be the outcome?

It’s gonna be one weird What-If scenario, so let’s begin
Imagine when the famous Death Note anime series becomes a cartoon show (meaning it have the cartoonish artwork) in America, and we’ll use The Simpsons art style, curious on how it looks like? just take a look at the picture below

Now this is the biggest LOL moment ever…
Now what if it goes the other way, instead of the Death Note going the Simpons style, why not make the Simpsons go the Death Note way?

A really bizarre combination eh? well I hope you enjoy this funny post
Kudos to Space Coyote for his really cool and funny artwork

Till next time fellow gamers…

and have a Merry Christmas!!!

pic source: http://spacecoyote.deviantart.com/

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  1. Omedetou for being one of the new CCs~! (^3^)/

    Slowly but surely, nagkakaro’n na ng place ang PH peeps sa puso ng GE~ XD

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