2ND GE PH Communtiy Gathering Aftermath

Because many GE players wanted to have another gathering, so we’ll give it to them
The 2nd GE PH Community Gathering was held last January 24 at Phooze ICafe at the Anonas Complex in Quezon City

We tried an Internet Cafe as the new venue so the community can enjoy playing GE during the gathering. Good thing the owner of the Cafe is also a GE player and he gladly accepted using his shop as a venue for the gathering.

There were some new comers and new players that attended the gathering which is a good improvement to the community
and also some retired players showed up and still gave their support to the PH Community

The GE gamers in the gathering
Sigrid and Kincaid listening during the discussion

And as usual, we’ve talked about the major problems Filipino players are experiencing; from the lack of advertising of Granado Espada in the country to the 70k gpoints accessibility problems.

We also discussed about the project for the E-games Domination like the cosplays, merchandises and promotional posters, the GE cosplayers managed to showed some of their finished props like Kincaid’s Phobitan Knuckle. NineMoons also showed some concept arts for the promotional poster and calendar and also a desgin for the ID lanyard

GE Gamers discussing on their costumes for the cosplay
NineMoons with the Phobitan Knuckle weapon

Sadly, there is still no E-Games representatives that showed up on the said gathering which made the players think that E-Games are ignoring or worse, abandoning the community and the game itself

After the discussion, the players continued to hang around with other GE players and enjoyed a gaming session of GE and other LAN games like DotA and Left 4 Dead

AUGLab enjoying a quick game of DotA
Welling and co. duking out in DotA
Clairemont and Serpentes having fun in GE

Overall the gathering is a blast like the previous one, And I’d like to thank again all the players who attended the said gathering, to CM Hrin who still support the community, NineMoons and Greeniot for the pictures and to Nunik (LeCat) for letting us use his shop for the gathering

And don’t worry, there will still be another 3rd GE Gathering in the future, so stay tuned GE gamers

till next time…

*side note
During the same day, DeSanggria and the other GE cosplayers made a pictorial on Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila. You can check the pics here

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  1. hehe don’t worry, you’re not alone, some late comers who didn’t managed to join the group pic XD

    i’ll keep you guys updated on the future gatherings

  2. T’s good to see these photos posted here on your blog bro. I’ll send my ideas regarding the promotions maybe on a later date. I’m finishing things related to my real life for now. – Greeniot

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