Phantasy Star Portable Demo Review

Okay I’ll be adding a new feature in the blog for gaming reviews, and it’s entitled “Game review”, I’ll be trying a game and then I’ll be posting my impression of the game.
Of course first impression sometimes matters especially when buying a game, well except for hardcore fans XD

So let’s begin…

Phantasy Star Portable is a new game produced by Sonic Team and developed by Alfa System for the PlayStation Portable
The game will be based on the Phantasy Star Universe game on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360.
It will feature a single player mode and a multiplayer mode so your friends can join the fun, fortunately a demo version of the game available for download and I was able to get one

The demo version features 2 single player missions and 5 multiplayer missions, but you can play the multiplayer missions alone (just activate your WLAN to access the multiplayer mode) but it’s best that you try playing it with your friends to get that MMORPG raid feel, in single player mode you can recruit NPCs as party members (sadly you can’t control them in the demo ver.)

You can select from 5 different races and three job classes (RF online fans will get a nostalgic feeling with this game)
If you tried Monster Hunter then you’ll be having no problem with the gameplay (pick a mission, hunt and retrieve item)
The graphics is really good and you can fully customize your avatar’s appearance and size and voice acting is a bit decent, the sound effects is also great.
The camera controls really need some improvement as well as the targeting system which really gives players a hard time to attack targets.

There are rumors that you can import your characters from the demo to the retail version.
If you’re a fan of Sci-Fci RPGs then you should definitely get this game

you can get the demo version here

Game Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The retail version of Phantasy Star Portable is available on your nearest gaming stores in
March 3, 2009
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