Another Cross-Over Game for The PSP

Looks like the PSP is shining bright for 2009, a lot of cool new games are coming to the supposed ill-fated portable console

and you only thought Dissidia Final Fantasy is the only Cross-over fighting game that’ll be available in America, well think again. Tales of VS. , a Dissidia spin-off fighting game from Namco Bandai will feature several characters from different Tales series.

The game will utilize a Linear Motion Battle System or LMBS which is used in previous games in the series. Characters will be able to carry out normal attacks and use new intricate actions such as jumping off of walls.

The following are the confirmed characters in the game:

Character Game

  1. Cless Alvein(Cress Albane) Tales of Phantasia
  2. Suzu Fujibayashi Tales of Phantasia
  3. Stan(Stahn) Aileron Tales of Destiny
  4. Rutee Katrea(Kartret) Tales of Destiny
  5. Philia Philis(Felice) Tales of Destiny
  6. Lion(Leon) Magnus Tales of Destiny
  7. Bruiser Khang(Mighty Kongman) Tales of Destiny
  8. Rid(Reid) Hershel Tales of Eternia
  9. Farah Oersted Tales of Eternia
  10. Barbatos Goetia Tales of Destiny 2
  11. Lloyd Irving Tales of Symphonia
  12. Colette Brunel Tales of Symphonia
  13. Kratos Aurion Tales of Symphonia
  14. Senel Coolidge Tales of Legendia
  15. Luke fon Fabre Tales of the Abyss
  16. Tear Grants Tales of the Abyss
  17. Anise Tatlin Tales of the Abyss
  18. Asch the Bloody Tales of the Abyss
  19. Richter Abend Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
  20. Yuri Lowell Tales of Vesperia
  21. Shing Meteoryte Tales of Hearts
Here’s the trailer of Tales of VS

Tales of VS will release this summer (same schedule with Dissidia Final Fantasy)

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