Video Game Bento Anyone?

Japanese have a habit of mixing art and food to their kid’s lunchboxes since God knows when.
And who would ever thought that making bento or home-packed meal in Japanese would be this tempting, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer.

Annathered is been making video game inspired bentos for a while and she already made almost 50 (yes 50) kinds of bentos, from Katamari to Patapon and even some anime themed bentos like Deathnote and Doraemon.

Patapon Bento
Katamari Bento
Super Smash Bros. Bento
Ryuk from Deathnote

And believe me, making these bento takes a lot of time and effort. A big salute to Annathered on her bentos.

You can also visit her Flickr page to see more of her incredible creations and you can also check the full listings of ingredients that she used for her bentos.

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