Chemistry meets Granado Espada

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something GE related. As you can see, I’ve already stop playing Granado Espada for months and also I left the GE community since July.

But this project was started a few months ago but was on hold due to lack of time.
Finally the project is now finished and just in time before Mistress Hrin’s farewell to GE
This will be my final contribution and the birthday gift to Mistress Hrin (Godspeed on your journey).

So here’s my project: The Periodic Table of Stances

I got this concept from a certain fanart that I featured in my previous post.
Imagine combining chemistry and Granado Espada, no one has ever

I created the periodic table from MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop
The stance icons are from

Hope you guys enjoy the periodic table

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