The Day when Granado Espada goes Fantazzztic

Any K-Pop (Korean Pop) fan should know about the Wonder Girls, aside from making great music, they are all hot XD, especially with their most famous hit single “Nobody

Because of the popularity of the song, many fan made videos just popped up in famous video sharing sites, and so far there’s not a single Nobody music video that was created from a video game, until now…

A dude named Darrick just created a Nobody music video by using characters in Granado Espada,
although the game has limited animations when making poses or actions, this douche managed to finished the video with such awesomeness.

The project was started last August and it’s already released in Youtube yesterday, September 7

here’s the video of the GE Nobody

kudos to the douchebag for his great effort in making this epic movie

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