Ramon Bautista doing the McSaver Move

If you’re living in the Philippines, chances are you’ve already saw the new commercial ad of McDonald’s which showcase their new McSaver’s Value meals, and the star of the ad is none other than Ramon Bautista, a very famous (well..sort of lol) internet celebrity, director and even a disc jockey.

Ramon Bautista became famous from the funny reality sitcom series Strangebrew with fellow brewers Tado and Angel “Erning” Rivero, then had his own show “The Ramon Bautista Show” and “The Weakend News With Ramon Bautista”.

Here are the videos of the really awesomely and funny comercial ads:

McDo Moves Wave

McDo Moves Left Right

McDo Moves Lower

You can visit Ramon Bautista’s Multiply site: http://monrock.multiply.com/
and also follow him on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ramonbautista

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