Video Game Movies you wished were Real

We always dreamed that some of our favorite video games will one day become full-length feature movie in the silver screen. Some never came true, while some did came true but not all were that great. We can’t blame Hollywood if they can’t meet the fan’s satisfaction.

Fans pray and hope…until one day, out of boredom, they finally made their own movie trailer (or sometimes a real movie) to show the world that their favorite video game is indeed awesome when it’s turned into a movie. Some prevail to convince us, yet some fail…but at least they managed to give us one hell of a laughing trip.

So here are some of the Fan-made movie trailers that gave us a really good ROFL moments



Jim Henson’s Resident Evil 5



Mario Kart

Duck Hunt


Dig Dug

Of course, there are those that gave us a big wow on our mouths, fooling us to think that it’s real. Here are some of the cool fan-made trailers that almost made us think it’s the official movie.

The Halo Movie Trailer

The Legend of Zelda April Fools Teaser

*Note Although the next two trailers are not based on video games (one comic book, one classic cartoon), they still gave us a big surpirse

Green Lantern


And finally, the only fan-made full feature length movie that was ever created.
It was recently released last September 27, 2009 by Hive Division
The movie was just incredible, you would never thought it was just a fan made movie, but they were able to produce one that of a big budget movie.
You can visit their site to download the full version of the movie

Metal Gear Solid Philantropy

These trailers and movies were just meant for fun or just their way to show their love in gaming. Kudos to their effort and dedication in giving us great entertainment and hopes that someday, we will see these games in cinemas very soon…

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