Create your own Granado Espada with Soul Calibur

Okay I know I’ve already stopped blogging about Granado Espada, but this time, it’s more on the PSP game called Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. The reason why I mentioned GE is that one of my fellow GE bloggers, Mena, managed to create Characters based on the popular MMO with the use of the character creator engine in Soul Calibur.

The character creation feature in Soul Calibur was one of it’s biggest trump card, aside from it’s great gameplay. With it’s massive option of customizing your own warrior, you can bring some of your other favorite gaming characters to life

Mena managed to create more than a dozen characters, but I’ll be showcasing half of his best creations (in terms of accuracy to the original characters) so here are the 8 characters with pictures of the original characters and gameplay video of Soul Calibur :

Lisa Lynway

The design is very similar that of the original, although the fighting stance is a bit very ninja-ish, aside from that, everything is quite accurate.

Romina (alternate costume)

The design is quite the same, the fighting style matches well to the original. The costume is based on the Crusader coat that is not yet available in the english servers (both SEA and US), it’s hard to find a picture of the new costume so i decided to upload the other costume instead which also looked similar.

Edward Jameson

Ahh, the White Baron, good thing Soul Calibur has rapiers, the bad part here is that his fighting style makes him of a vampirish swashbuckler, but aside from that, the creation is good (well since make a character with white color as it’s main desing is pretty to create).


From the face plate to the tofas, but this time, the tonfas are more realistic (smaller). The design is quite faithful to the Zeian warrior.

Rescue Knight

There are no horns on the original Rescue Knight, but from the armor designs to the weapons, all are seemed to be good. Now remove the helmet and you now have Romina in her Rescue Knight version.

Idge Imbrulia

The design looks to be a combination of the original Idge and with her battlesmith version, just take out the striped long sleeves and you have Idge, the sword matches well with her in Soul Calibur.


If Gracielo had a weapon, the nunchucks will be the best choice. The fighting style matches pretty well with Bookof Wind stance of Gracielo, now if the shoulder pads can only be removed…

Fighter (in Camisa de Soldado costume)

Now if Granado Espada can allow the the fighter to wield a javelin and a sword at the same time, it wouldjust awesome. The design matches well to the original.

Kudos to Mena for his effort in bringing the Granado Espada characters into life into Soul Calibur. To check more on Mena’s other creations, you can visit his youtube channel:

Now if have your own creations of GE characters, how about sharing it with us =P
Who knows, your creation might be posted in the blog.

Till next time…

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  1. to me this a option that all fighting type game must have, the personalize your own character, just think in this a female character like Mai Shiranui from KOF saga with a costume like Ivy from Soul Calibur…I think that I need a lonely time…jajajajaj just kidding.
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