Gaming Pumpkins!!!!!

Ahh Halloween or some call it All Hallow’s Eve, the special where kids get to wear costumes (and not only otakus and game geeks get to wear costumes) and roam around their town to grab candies on every door they could knock.

But what’s Halloween without it’s famous trademark: the Jack o’ Lantern, pumpkins that are carved with scary faces that are sometimes are being displayed outside or sometimes inside the house as decorations.

Some hardcore people would break the tradition of pumpkin carving by carving different designs. from movies to comics and now….gaming!

The folks at Kotaku managed to compile some of the coolest carved pumpkin designs for gaming, so here are the pics: enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Earthworm Jim
Half Life logo
Master Chief
Left 4 Dead logo
Plants vs. Zombies
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