Happy 15th Anniversary, PlayStation!

It all started on December 3, 1994 when Sony decided to launch their very first gaming console to the world: the PlayStation. And after 15 years, they’ve made a mark in history.

But before creating what to be the best gaming console in history, they made an attempt to create a CD-based console with Nintendo, but the plan never went well and Sony decided to go solo. This attempt was a big gamble for them, as they are still new to the gaming business, but they never hesitated to wage a console war with Sega and Nintendo at that time, but as the smoke was cleared, Sony was emerged victorious.

And now, after more than a decade, they’ve released several new consoles, although some were not that successful, no other companies can outmatch the great success of the very first PlayStation.

Happy birthday PlayStation!!, you can join the celebration by visiting their celebratory site

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