Ragnarok DS is a Go

Fans of the ever popular MMORPG Ragnarok online will rejoice as XSeed Games is set to release the english version of Ragnarok DS on February 2010.

And that’s not all, fans will be able to get some freebies for their Ragnarok Online avatars when they purchased Ragnarok DS

Each retail copy comes includes a Ragnarok Online setting out on my journey pack, which contains three virtual items:

– Shaman earring: increases intelligence
– Shaman ring: increases maximum HP and SP recovery
– Shaman’s hair decoration: increased resistance to attacks

Pre-order Ragnarok DS and you also get a Ragnarok Online prepared for adventure pack with four more goodies:

– Audumra’s benefit: increased experience points and damage from monsters
– Odin Mask: additional damage against certain monsters
– Hermode Cap: increased attack speed
– Bijofnil’s wing decoration: chance of increasing minimum and maximum weapon attack

Sadly, this is for the US servers, unless Level Up! games in the Philippines can find a way for the local players.

Ragnarok DS is based on the popular MMORPG of Gravity Games, although the DS version is not entirely MMO-based, there is a multiplayer option, Players can partner with two friends and take on the Tower of Mirages via local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi. The tower has over 50 randomly generated floors filled with rare items to explore.

Here’s the trailer for the english version of Ragnarok DS

source: http://www.siliconera.com

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  1. The trailer is so funny! I mean it's like fan-made and not even offically the game's trailer. Oh well, it's still RO so it's a much wanted game! How i wish i have a DS! I miss RO! XO

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