A Christmas Tree of Gundams

Sound more like a fanboy wish huh? Well for the fanboys out there, it’s true.
Bandai just placed a 16-foot Christmas tree with over 60 (yes 60) Gundam models in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Strung with red, white and blue lights and some Gundam model kits, the Christmas tree is promoting the new PSP game Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus. The tree was already lit it’s lights last December 3 by none other than Toru Furuya, the guy behind the voice of Amuro Ray (from Mobile Suit Gundam). (Oh yeah, stay tuned for my review of the game in the coming days)

The Gundam Christmas Tree is located at the second floor deck of the Akihabara UDX building in Tokyo. You can check out the video of the tree that is shining with pure awesomeness below, Merry Christmas everyone


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