Lineage II SEA going bye-bye?

I don’t know if this is a joke or someone hacked into their site. But if you check IAM-Interactive (formerly AMDG) official site, you will see this announcement:

If you try to check the website of Lineage II SEA and Exteel, the same message will pop up. So the problem is, what’s going to happen to the Lineage II and Exteel players that stayed for almost 2 years (for Lineage II). Up until now, there’s no additional info regarding this sudden announcement.

*Funny, IAM-Interactive is starting to shut down their service and yet, there’s still a link on their top-up service, what a way to earn money *wink-wink*

So looks like they are really singing their swan song far too early.

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5 Responses to "Lineage II SEA going bye-bye?"
  1. yes this is true! L2sea will be shutting down on Jan.21 2010…. this confirmed by management itself …. AMDG is the most worst and incompetent game company who mishandle this Triple A game…pathetic!! since January Q1 they never give any info that their company has already bankrupt!

  2. well that's kind of sad, oh well, this is the way to kill a crappy gaming publisher, I never liked their marketing strategies when they introduced L2 in the Philippines

  3. F*ck you AMDG.. go to hell and try to sleep well at ngiht thinking hundreds of L2 SEA player wanna kill you.WE feel Betrayed, Insulted by those M*THRF*CKERS!!!!! immediately leaving us voiceless & Clueless about it!

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