The Great Intro Mashup

Welcome back!, now 2009’s gone and we are welcoming 2010 with a bang, it’s time for some cool stuff from the bottomless pit of uber coolness info: the internet

Everyone loves watching cool intros from popular TV series and also animes, since hearing their immortal theme songs makes us feel nostalgic especially if the series is now a classic, but what if two popular series got mashed up, meaning you are watching series A’s footage but with series B’s intro music. Kind of confusing huh? but the result was spectacular and also funny

So here are some TV series (and movies) that got mashed up with some popular theme songs:

Star Trek (original) / A-Team mashup

Star Trek (new movie) / A-Team mash up

Star Wars / A-Team mashup

*Okay, for those who weren’t born the time A-Team became popular (same goes for me), here’s a video of their intro:

Star Wars / Macgyver mashup

Battlestar Galactica (classic) / Macgyver mashup

*Again, for those who haven’t seen the Macgyver series as well as it’s intro (well this time, I’ve watched the series when I was a little kid lol), here’s the intro:

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