Recreating the Jordan vs. Jordan Commercial

Anyone remembered Michael Jordan? well every basketball lover should know him, if you don’t know him and you love basketball then you’re a noob and you should go back to grade school and study your history in basketball lessons (lol as if they teach that in school)

But anyway, if you know Jordan then you probably remembered one of his cool Gatorade commercials (which debuted on January, 2003) during his season with the Washington Wizards, yeah the one with him pitting against his younger self, which is ironic because the title of the commercial was 23 vs. 39, 23 was the age of the younger Jordan (during the rookie years with the Chicago Bulls) and 39 was his age at that time.

Why am I talking about this? well some guy by the name of MassenjahMatt re-create the famous video by using Machinima on NBA2k10. Although there were some minor changes on the Machinima (like the addition of a BGM, outfit and court changes), the recreation was almost the same as the original.

Okay here are the videos and see for yourself, enjoy!!

Original Video

NBA2K10 Remake Video

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