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Do you know your Console gaming history? so have you ever heard of old gaming consoles like Tele-Spiel Las Vegas, Blackpoint and Spectrum 6? did you know that the very first video game console was the Magnavox Odyssey that was released on 1972? (I remember my dad had one when I was a little kid but didn’t able to play it) and Microvision was the very first handheld console.

Talk about geek trivia huh? but if are interested in checking the different gaming consoles, and I mean all of the known gaming consoles, there is one site that will give you all the things you want to know

Consollection, a german site (it also has english language) which was created by Patrick Molnar features nearly 150 gaming consoles in a simple gallery, which features over 20 years of gaming goodness up to the current gen consoles, and not to mention the gallery is really impressive

When you click on a console image, it will open a console profile page where it gives you a short description about the selected console complete with release date, manufacturer and screenshot of the console as well as its box package.

To get an idea on what the galley looks like, I’ve posted a screenshot of it below and be mesmerize on the massive number of consoles, good luck on collecting each of these consoles if you want to be that die-hard. (click on the image to enlarge it)

Now that’s a gallery!

So don’t forget to check out this cool site

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