Lunar Silver Star Harmony Game Review

The Lunar series has another remake on the classic RPG, now titled Lunar Silver Star Harmony, the game is ported to the PSP with newly improved graphics, gameplay and more secret stuffs.

The very first Lunar was created in the Sega CD on 1993, then a PlayStation remake of the game was ported on 1999, will the 2nd remake of Lunar bring the players back into the old school style of RPG?

*The Demo version of Lunar Silver Star Harmony was used for the review

The Story focuses on the role of Alex, a young boy from a small town who dreams of becoming an adventurer like his idol, Dyne. He is joined by a menagerie of playable and supporting characters who aid him on his quest, including Luna, his childhood friend and sweetheart; Nall, a winged, white, cat-like creature with an uncertain past; and Ramus, son of the town mayor with dreams of becoming a rich businessman.

The graphics of the game has dramatically changed, the character sprites and animation are now more fluid, the background design has also improved too. Although the anime cut-scene is still from the first remake from the PlayStation.

Voice acting is also good, but the original cast from the PlayStation remake was changed bringing new voices to the main characters, the music is still faithful to the original with some improvements.

The gameplay is still the same with some slight changes, one of them is the introduction of a limit break style of attack where a meter constantly increases every turn where you can unleash a powerful attack to your enemies. Another addition is the cut-scene on the character skill, giving them a dramatic presentation to any battle. One annoying problem here is whenever you move to a new location, the background music fades down and then goes back when you are in a new location, this can be annoying when moving to different areas, hope they change this in the retail version.

Sega CD version
PlayStation version
PlayStation Portable version

After finishing the demo version, you’ll be able to save your clear data and you can import it to the retail (full) version of the game. What’s inside the clear data is still unknown.

Overall the game is still worth to play despite having the simple turn-based gameplay. If you are a fan of turn based RPGs or you already played the original and the remake, this game is still worth your time.

Game Rating: 7 out of 10

Lunar Silver Star Harmony was developed by Game Arts and published by Xseed Games

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