Event Aftermath: Cubinet 1st Guild Leader’s Meeting

Newcomer gaming publisher Cubizone recently held a first ever Guild Leader’s Meeting last February 20, 2010 at the King’s Court Building in Makati City.

Banners from their games
The meeting was packed with players

Guilds from different games along with their Guild leaders gathered to attend the said meeting. The Meeting focuses more in the introduction of Cubizone to the Philippines; Cubizone is one of the fastest gaming portal in Malaysia and now has different branches in Asia including the Philippines.

Gian and Grym introducing themselves
Presentaion about Cubizone

Cubizone also showcased their upcoming games to the local market such as the web browsing strategy MMO Casvian (which will be start its commercial launch on February 25), sidescrolling 2d arcade MMO Battle of Destiny and the causal dance MMO Steps (both will start its beta phase this coming summer).

Showcasing models for their upcoming games
Free food!! yeah!

Also, they will be having an event for the commercial launch of Casvian called Conqueror’s Quest, where players can get real cash up Php 150,000. Which is interesting that they favor more on real life prizes over virtual where Gian, one of the team in Cubizone, explains that they want to make it more balance, instead of making the high ranking players become more powerful, or in MMO term “imba”, they decided to give them real cash so they can spent it whatever they want as they also deserve it.

Aside from the upcoming MMO to be released, they also previewed some games that they taking under consideration to launch in the Philippines. The following were the MMOs previewed by Grym, also a part of the Cubizone team, that are under consideration:

Both Berkanix and Allods Online had a really good reaction from the attendees, and from the looks of it, there could be a possibility of having these released to the local market (well let’s hope it happens). What is good here is that they are giving the player’s the chance to give their opinions on what kind of games they would want to see launch to the local mmo market.

Trailer for their upcoming games

Besides showcasing their games, Cubizone also introduced some of their special perks for the Cubizone community

One of them was the Comixo, a Malaysian comic portal were they provide free online comics, including comics from Cubizone games.

Another was the Reward Points System, where players were given reward points whenever they recruit new players to Cubizone and able to top-up Cubits, currency for Cubizone where you can use to purchase items for their games. Some rewards include gadgets like gaming consoles, PC peripherals, cellphones and also lifestyle products.

Also present on the meeting was the CEO of Cubizone Philippines, Mr. Danny Fong, also known as papaspy (he is also famous to some popular MMOs) where he answers questions from the attendees about the company.

Mr. Danny Fong showcasing some of their game goodies
Sample of their goodies

From the meeting, they explained that Cubizone is a company by gamer for the gamers, telling that they all the player’s concerns in gaming as they are also gamers and they will push up to the extra mile to ensure player’s will have the best service and experience they can get.

Overall, the Meeting was a success and it is really interesting on see how Cubizone focuses more on the player’s needs and wants, as some big local game publishers once promise to the gamers but failed to provide. Let’s hope they won’t share the same fate.

So good luck to Cubizone and I’m wishing them a successful launch.

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