Fat Princess Fistful of Cake Game Review

The PlayStation Network’s (PSN) widely recognizable game, Fat Princess, has just arrived on the portable console with a longer title: Fat Princess Fistful of Cake. With more maps and gaming modes and more humor, will the portable version gets the same excitement as from the console version?

For those who haven’t played the original Fat Princess, here’s how the game works: in the default game mode (Rescue the Princess), the game revolves on storming the enemy’s castle and rescuing the princess, but watch out, as the opposing force is also attempting to rescue their princess that is imprisoned on your castle. To slow the enemy’s pace on rescuing their princess, you feed the princess with cakes scattered around the game map, the more you feed, the fatter the princess gets, making her larger and more difficult for the enemy to carry princess out of your castle.

You can get to select five different classes (Warrior, Mage, Priest, Ranger and Worker) by picking up a hat that is generated by the hat machine inside your castle. You can upgrade your castle to fortify its gates, create catapults so your troops can infiltrate the enemy castle faster and even improving your hat machines to upgrade your character classes like rangers using muskets, warriors using spears and so on.

Aside from the Rescue the Princess mode, there are other modes like Demolition, where you attempt to plant a giant bomb on the enemy castle and set it to explode before the enemy does that to your castle and many more.

The portable version is almost the same as with the console version, but instead of 32 players, the games is limited to 24 players, and only allow 8 real players (the rest are controlled by the computer), but what’s better on the PSP port is that it’s 50% bigger than the original, with more maps and modes, and also a single player campaign that composes of 15 chapters which at the same time gives you an introduction to Fat Princess and it’s basic gameplay. The story is introduced in a story book-like presentation with added internet humor to make the presentation funny and entertaining.

The single player mode will give you a few hours of pure mayhem, but the best asset on this game is the multiplayer mode, you can select from Ad-Hoc to Infrastructure to join multiplayer matches, sadly it’s only limited to 8 players and rest will be AI-controlled. The lack of voice chat from the original is a bit letdown as this will be difficult to coordinate with your teammates online.

Music and the sound effects are okay, with the quirky and crazy voice overs still retain the humor, the music tracks are catchy too.

Fat Princess Fistful of Cake is one great game, as it also stays faithful to the original game with more added content. The single player mode may be short, one of it’s best feature is its multiplayer capability, a great choice to play with your friends, in short, it’s an all-in-one package. So if you are looking for a new kind of game for you and your friends, this one is for you.

Game Rating: 8 out of 10

Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake was developed by SuperVillain Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America

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