Event Aftermath: PlayStation Philippines Launch

Sony made a new milestone in the Philippines as they unveil the release of the PlayStation in the local market. The said launch event was held at the Glorieta Activity Center last March 27-28. The whole weekend at that time was filled with activities such as preview of their best selling games and free play of the latest games from God of War 3 to Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 and Roco Loco 2 to Resistance Retribution for the PlayStation Portable.

On Saturday the event featured a cosplay competition where participants cosplay their favorite anime or gaming characters to get a chance to win a PlayStation 3.

Then on Sunday it was all about gaming tournaments with Tekken Dark Ressurrection on the PSP and Ridge Racer 7 on the PS3 was held on that day, with a prize of a PlayStation 3 and a Final Fantasy XIII game for the winners of each tournament.
And players who registered on the Launch event get a chance to win a PS3 in the raffle.

Although there were no major announcements of any new game releases, it is still unsure whether PlayStation Philippines will provide easier DLC access and more community support in the local market, but it is still nice to see that Sony has now recognized the Philippines as one of the major gaming community.

You can visit the Official Philippine site of Sony PlayStation

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