Event Aftermath: Ozine Fest 2010

Last weekend (April 9-11, 2010), we just witness one of the anticipated anime event in the country, the Ozine Fest 2010, which was organized by the people behind Otakuzine magazine.

One of the good points here is that the event last for three days (yep, you get to enjoy the whole weekend by attending the said event)

And from the looks of it, it just gotten bigger than before, they just double the space of the venue (sort of) by occupying the two halls in the Megatrade. Also, aside from the usual anime/gaming booths, there were more activities, from the battle of the bands, art and dance competitions and everyone’s favorite: cosplay competitions.

The gaming activities just gotten better, there was a LAN competition held on the event, with games such as Starcraft, Warcraft 3 (which also includes Defense of The Ancients) and Counterstrike. And not to mention some online gaming booths from Runup Games.

There’s also a booth called Maid Cafe, where cosplayers wearing maid uniforms will try to serve you with food and drinks

Will be looking forward for another great Ozine Fest next year, happy summer everyone

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