You are What you Eat (and Play)

MMOs or Massively Multiplayer Online games are becoming a daily ritual or habit to gamers these days, it’s like you can’t live without logging in to the game for a couple of hours and grind like hell. As a matter of fact, some even bring the MMO life into the real world, one such example is the food.

Some players from the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft just mastered their cooking skills and decided to bring it in the real world, well they may not be the best chefs in town but bringing notable food items from WoW to the real world looks interesting. Well some ingredients like Giant eggs, Kodo meat and Murloc eyes are not existent, but there are some alternatives to it.

The guys at Rock, Paper Shotgun decided to bring some of their favorite WoW food items into their kitchen. They picked their five favorites and decided to share the recipes to us, to learn more of the recipes, you can visit their page here.

Another player also decided to recreate the famous Westfall Stew (to some who played WoW and took the low level quest on Westfall will surely remember this one). You can learn more about it here.

And finally, there’s one who decided to make a cookbook out of it, but you have to buy it.
the people behind Tauren Chef Cookbook decide to make a cookbook with over 60 recipes of some of the notable food items in World of Warcraft. You can also get a mini-cookbook for free as a teaser on their main course (the cookbook itself that is), you can visit the site

Well there you have it, probably you are all hungry after reading this and itching to test out the recipes.
‘Till next time…

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