Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Character Wish List (Part 2)

Welcome back, for the second part of the Marvel vs Capcom 3 special feature, we will be now focusing on the Marvel characters that you wish to be on the upcoming 3rd installment of the very much famous versus series.
You can check the first part of the feature by clicking here.


And now to the serious part, my list of Marvels characters that should be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

Iron Fist
The Marvel roster needs a Martial Arts expert, so Iron Fist fits the line, give him martial arts like of attacks and super combos and he’s ready to go.

Professor Xavier
Now how can Prof. X be useful in a fighting game, two words: “Mind Control”, give the professor mind control attacks that stun enemies and some psionic blasts, and for an added bonus, he can transform into Onslaught as a super combo, neat huh?

Jean Grey (Phoenix)
Either the normal version or the dark version of the Phoenix will be nice. In case Prof. X is in the list, might as well make Jean Grey into the Phoenix for a more different telepath. Give her insane attacks similar to the comic books and full screen flaming super moves for some epic goodness.

The New Captain America
If you guys read the Civil War arc in the Marvel Comics, then you know that there’s a new Captain America in town(and he wields a gun!). Give this new Cap some of the classic moves and a some new ones for his trusty gun.

Spiderman (Black Symbiote costume)
Yep the other classic black costume, long before Venom was created, there’s the Black Spiderman. Some combination of Venom and the classic Spidey would be cool to see in this black version.

Spiderman (Civil War version)
Actually I picked two different versions of Spiderman for my wishlist. In the Civil War arc, Spiderman was originally on Tony Stark’s side before switching sides to Captain America, and at that time, Tony Stark gave Spidey a new costume with some new special tricks. It’s like a combination of Iron Man and Spiderman but much cooler.

Of course the list won’t be complete without a supervillain. And a supervillian in a fighting game should be super powerful. Well we already have
Thanos, Doctor Doom and Magneto, so the next super badass villain should be no other than Ultron. This one hack of a indestructable machine will give any Capcom fighter a fight of their lives.

And this wraps up the 2-part Marvel cs. Capcom 3 wishlist special feature. Hope you all enjoy in this crazy predictions, and please be reminded that this is just a wishlist, it doesn’t guarantee that any of this will indeed appear in the upcoming fighting game.

Happy gaming…


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  1. We would need to have a selene in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. we would need selene to be in a playable character.
    Selene directed her worshippers to undertake tasks that eventually allowed her to leave Nova Roma. Selene made her way to New York City, where she encountered Juggernaut at a bar. Selene planned to seduce and murder him, but was prevented from doing this when Wolverine manipulated a bar-room brawl between Juggernaut and Colossus.
    Selene possesses formidable telepathic powers that allow her to blend her own psychic signature into the background thoughts around her, making her difficult for other psionics to locate or track. Selene is not as powerful as high-order telepaths such as Professor X or Jean Grey, and is vulnerable to psionic attack should she be directly engaged. She often uses her telepathy to induce a hypnotic trance in others, and then slips away at superhuman speed, leaving them with the impression that she simply vanished.

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