Event Aftermath: ToyCon 2010

Last June 19-20, Toycon held its 9th convention at the Megatrade hall 2-3 at SM Megamall. And of course, it’s all about toys and collectibles with a hint of anime and gaming goodness.

But what makes this year’s Toycon different is that they also celebrated the 75th anniversary of DC Comics with popular comics of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Justice League, so Toycon had some activities that are all about DC Comics, and cosplayers even showed off with DC Comics themed outfits to join the celebration.
Aside from the activities and contests, the toy exhibits are one of the main attractions of the convention. Galleries that ranges from life-sized statues of famous comic book characters, toy collection of classic to the current toylines and even customized figures and dioramas. There’s also a gaming gallery by GameOps that showcased old consoles like the NES up to the latests like the PlayStation 3.
Another thing are the selling booths, famous collectible shops put up booths in the event to sell all of their best selling collectibles at a very cheap price, and this is the chance toy enthusiasts get to complete their collection in an affordable way.
There are also some group that are showcasing their new merchandise, and all of them were sold out on day 1, like the Plants vs. Zombies plushies (I forgot the store’s name) and mini figurines designed by Mon Ontoy and distributed by The Sculpeyman. Aside from figurines, there are also cool T-shirts that can make any geeks envy, some ranges from classic shows, sci-fi’s and gaming, some examples from Toonsquad and Electromagnetic Tentacle.
Band performance and Cosplay competitions were also present at Toycon. Every year Toycon never fails to let us down, whether you’re a gamer, otaku, hobbyist or a toy collector, attending this event is always a must. Looking forward for another great time on the next Toycon…
’till next time…
You check out more pics from Toycon’s official site
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