Zombie Food Anyone?

Yeah killing an endless horde of zombies can be tiring, so what’s the solution if you ran out of ammo? Well just do what the zombies do, eat them….

Well it sounds crazy, but one company just had this crazy idea and decided to sell zombie jerkies, yes zombie jerkies. Well of course they are not really made of real rotting flesh, they are basically beef jerkies with matching green goo oozing on the greenish meat and also comes with a Teriyucky flavor.

Harcos Laboratories, the guys behind the zombie meat also claims that their zombies “are fed only the best farm-raised produce”, now that’s a promising claim. They may look disturbing, but if you’re into zombies, well what the heck :DAnd not only that, they also sell Zombie Blood, with matching green blood color (but in reality these are caffeinated energy drinks)

For more info on these wacky but cool foods, just visit their site: livingwithbloodlust.com/zombie

(oh yeah they also offer Blood Energy Potion for those vampire wannabes, and also the much famous Mana Potions)
You can also join their Facebook Fan Page by visiting here: ZombiesAreDelicious
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