Torchlight 2 Announced!!

The widely acclaimed hit RPG Torchlight will get it’s well deserving sequel, from the team who developed Diablo, Diablo II, Mythos and Fate announced that Torchlight II will be released in Spring of 2011 as a digital download.
Torchlight II will now feature an expansive Co-Op Multiplayer feature which the first game lacks and promises a much larger overworld, more dungeons, new quests and items.

This is, however is not the planned MMO Torchlight game that announced after the release of the the first Torchlight, although the MMO version is also under development.
Runic Games will give a sneak peak of Torchlight II at in Cologne, Germany and at PAX Prime in Seattle, USA.
For more info, you can log-on to their official website:
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