NES Cartridges are Tougher

During the old days, game consoles use cartridges to run games, these cartridges are made of plastic casings with circuit boards inside. But today we now use CDs as media device to run games.

But the problem with CDs is that they are very delicate, some scratches here and there and it could render your game useless, and you have to keep them in their CD cases to protect them, unlike game cartridges from old gaming consoles you don’t need any cases to protect them, plus they are more durable, heck they can withstand a lot of beating for a decade and still the cartridges still works.
Rinry, a girl gamer, made a video to see how the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) cartridges are really that tough by placing in some almost brutal experiments, from drilling holes to drowning it with rubbing alcohol. Now sit back and enjoy the crazy experiment.
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