Giant Gundam made of Leftovers

Have you ever wonder on what to do on those leftover runners (plastic grids that is connected on the plastic model kit parts) after you assembled your favorite Gundam model kits? Some would probably throw it away while others just keep it along with the boxes. But one group of hobbyist did something a bit different.

Well these guys instead assembled one giant Gundam with their leftover runners. It took them around 250 hours to complete the 10-foot RG (Recycle Grade) RX-78 Gundam, and of course, it was built from leftover runners from smaller Gundam model kits.

The giant Gundam is one work of art, and the good part is that they use leftover parts for this masterpiece.

They even put it on display on the Chara Hobby show at the Dengeki Hobby booth.

You can check their blog here.

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