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Square Enix, famous for their popular games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, has finally join the social gaming world at the most famous social network Facebook, their new social RPG is called Knights of the Crystals, from the title logo, you can sure that it has the Final Fantasy treatment.

Knights of The Crystals will let you venture into different quests, pick different job classes, battle against other players and join boss battles with your friends and share loots from battles. The game will also remind you of a certain social RPG but with better graphical presentation. Game artworks was designed by Ryoma Ito, who also made the character designs for Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Knights of The Crystals was first released for GREE, a social network in Japan, similar to Facebook, this is not the first social game that Square-Enix has developed, they also released Chocobo’s Crystal Tower which is a pet simulation game and Sengoku Ixa (Japan game only), a browser simulation game based on the Sengoku era in Japan.
To know more about the game, you can try it out for free at Facebook (Facebook account is required to play the game)
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