Crazy Man plays MMO on a Giant LED Ceiling Screen

Are you bored and rich at the same time? do you want to show off your badass skills in MMO games in a crowd of people? and tired of playing games in your HD LCD TVs? Well you can try what this crazy guy did. A Chinese gamer tried to play an MMO for 10 minutes, in one of the second largest LED screens in the world.
This guy really needs to buy his own IMAX theater
The giant LED screen, measured around 80,000 square feet can be found in The Place in Beijing, China, the screen commonly shows scenery of oceans and other images for entertainment, and it even showed broadcast coverage during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The screen is marked as the largest in Asia and ranked second in the world (being beaten by Dubai’s own giant LED screen) But one Sunday night of November 21, 2010, one gamer tried something different.
This is what the LED screen usually display in a normal day
Armed with his gaming notebook, he connects himself to the wireless network of the venue and stream his MMO gameplay on the massive LED screen for 10 minutes. There are unconfirmed reports that the man paid around 100,000 Yuan or $15,000 or around PhP 660,000 so he can used the giant LED screen for a short period of time.
Whether it is for a new kind of gaming experience or just to show off his high-level character, kind guy is definitely crazy.
You can watch the video on how it happened (uploaded by MMO Site)
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